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Astra Pura

Milan, Italy


Door Finish: smoked oak veneer 45-degree- brushed brass chamfered-metallic brass handgrips doors- Carrera marble splash back and worktop-Verde Persia marble Island

By employing intelligent engineering practices, the Astra range ensures long-lasting performance and durability while maintaining stylish appeal. It blends endurance and timeless allure, seamlessly fitting into any kitchen. With a neutral palette and a choice of 5 matt and gloss colors, the Astra range offers versatile combinations with other exquisite finishes, enabling kitchens to effortlessly combine luxury with practicality. For instance, the ‘Verde Blu’ matt finish is prominent in a specific specification, harmonising effortlessly with vertical smoked glass cabinets and graphite metallic lacquered wall cabinets. This meticulous selection highlights a fusion of durability and enduring allure in every detail, showcasing how the Astra range achieves both aesthetic excellence and functional longevity.

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