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Pier House

Pier House project was a unique challenge for HUMA, departing from their usual work. Prioritising simplicity, the design relied on inherent qualities alone. With minimal material showcase or special features, the approach balanced functionality and aesthetic restraint, showcasing HUMA's adaptability and ingenuity. Successfully navigating these challenges marked a milestone in HUMA's portfolio.


Finishes: wood veneer smoked oak finish, Worktop and
splash backs
Dekton Entzo

Pier House

The Pier House project posed an exceptional challenge for HUMA, straying from their typical endeavours. The design focused on simplicity, relying solely on its inherent qualities. With no chance to showcase materials or include special features, the minimalist approach was essential for success. This required a careful balance between functionality and aesthetic restraint, demonstrating HUMA's adaptability and creativity in addressing diverse client needs and design contexts. Through meticulous navigation of these challenges, the project was ultimately successful, representing a significant achievement in HUMA's portfolio and underscoring their ability to innovate within constrained parameters.

HUMA - Logo 1.png
HUMA - Logo 1.png
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