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Tansley Farm

Our most recent undertaking at Tasnley Farm showcases our exceptional production prowess, exemplified through the expert craftsmanship of our stone-clad doors. We've meticulously matched and seamlessly integrated these doors, demonstrating our commitment to quality and precision


Finishes: Metallic lacquered Oro, Calacatta Hermitage Stone

Tansley Farm

Experience the pinnacle of our production expertise in our latest project at Tasnley Farm, where we unveil the artistry of our stone-clad doors. With painstaking attention to detail, we've seamlessly merged these doors to epitomize our unwavering dedication to quality and precision.

In this showcase, we've thoughtfully paired the captivating book-matched 'Calacatta Hermitage' veins with our opulent gold metallic lacquered doors. The client's aspiration was nothing short of a breathtaking 'wow' upon entering the room, and our team has wholeheartedly brought that vision to life

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HUMA - Logo 1.png
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