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LineaQuattro - Our Partners

Updated: Apr 23

Situated within the prestigious Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, our showroom stands as the flagship venue for LineaQuattro in the UK, serving as the primary showcase for HUMA as well. Here, we curate a living experience that harmoniously merges Italian kitchen designs with exquisite decorative lighting from Italamp.

Reasons we work with LineaQuattro

LineaQuattro distinguishes itself by offering one of the most extensive arrays of finishes available in the market for Italian kitchens. Continuously innovating, they consistently introduce new options to cater to diverse client preferences.

The brand is committed to delivering high-quality kitchens at competitive market prices, ensuring exceptional value for clients.

With lead times ranging from 8 to 12 weeks, LineaQuattro boasts some of the shortest turnaround times in the industry, allowing for efficient project completion.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of LineaQuattro's ethos, as they actively engage in collaboration to foster innovation. We frequently collaborate with them to develop bespoke concepts tailored to our clients' needs.

HUMA's role

Empowered with the freedom to craft bespoke concepts, we work closely with LineaQuattro to translate these ideas into reality. Leveraging our understanding of their processes and material options, we ensure that our concepts align with their manufacturing capabilities.

LineaQuattro's commitment to delivering high-quality components instils confidence in us and reassures our clients of the standard of excellence they can expect.

Maintaining close communication with the factory throughout the manufacturing process allows us to maintain control over each project and gain valuable insights into the construction process.

We have been granted to freedom to develop bespoke concepts to deliver to LineaQuattro who will manufacture them. Our knowledge of their processes and material options means we are suitably able to develop a concept that they will be able to deliver.

LineaQuattro's high-quality components mean we are able to trust them to deliver at the standards we require and the standards expected by our clients.

We keep close contact with the factory throughout the manufacturing process which enables us to have control of any project and gain insight into the construction process.

LineaQuattro - The Brand

LineaQuattro has 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing kitchens. It is an ambitious mission for their company to evolve towards a total living concept that offers modular kitchens to the national and international markets inspired by the most contemporary and essential designs with refined and exclusive luxury.

“To improve kitchen functionality and ergonomics, and allow a more comfortable working position, LineaQuattro propose different heights of base units according to the height of who is choosing them."

This example focuses on the customer as the essence at which they operate. LineaQuattro's core beliefs are focused on creating the perfect living experience and blending spaces to increase efficiency and to accommodate for the growing demand needed in less space.



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