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Tecnika Kitchen

A play of customisable inserts that express emotion and rationality.

Tecnika is a contemporary kitchen concept, and represents the perfect choice for people who see kitchen design as a rational process that can nevertheless generate expression and feeling. Compact, essential volumes allow attention to focus on the high-tech laminate materials.

Traditional wood finishes blend perfectly with the latest colours to create a contrast of light and shade, bright and dark, open and closed, in a truly original, expressive kitchen.



  • HPL door. Laminate edge band. Matt grey and wood grain finishes.

  • Version with external handle.

  • Dark grey laminate work top, thickness 20 mm.

  • The range includes a large number of wood + colour combinations in all finishes.

1342624019_tecnika_regula_1 (1).jpeg
1342624032_tecnika_regula_2 (1).jpeg
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