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What are some of the biggest problems faced for customers working with kitchen designers?

There are several common problems that customers may face when working with kitchen designers which are seen across the industry.


Problem: One of the most common problems is miscommunication between the customer and the designer. Customers may have a hard time expressing their needs or understanding the design concepts presented to them. This can lead to confusion and frustration for both parties.

Solution: A great way to work with kitchen designers initially is to bring a number of examples of kitchen typologies you admire and the key details that really stand out to you. The first phase of concept design is about collating lots of ideas into one coherent response, so don't be afraid to really dig into this to get it right.

Remember, there's lot of competition in the kitchen industry, so if you don't feel the kitchen designer you met really gets your ideas then look elsewhere. Be as picky with your designer as you are with the kitchen finishes.


Problem: Customers may not be fully aware of the expenses involved in designing and building a bespoke kitchen, and may be surprised by the final cost. The cost of materials, manufacturing, appliances and installation add up and quickly changing in fluctuating market prices.

Solution: Working with a designer should be a transparent and trusting experience. Understanding what the prices are and if there will be any price increases is vital to do initially, it will give you a timeline into how quickly decisions need to be made.

High costs of materials can blow a budget so setting a priority in where you'd prefer to spend the money is a good way to keep prices lower.

Limited Options:

Problem: Sometimes customers may feel that the designer is not offering enough options or choices for the design. This can be frustrating, especially if the customer has a specific vision in mind for their kitchen.

Solution: Make sure you extensively explore the marketplace to find the best designer for you. Have a strong idea of what you are after and some examples will really help kitchen designers tell you if it is possible for them to deliver what you dream of.

Time Constraints:

Problem: Customers may have a specific timeline in mind for their kitchen project, which may not align with the designer's schedule. This can lead to delays and disappointment. Timelines are there to allow for planning but issues can occur from both sides and when home developments are undertaken, including a new kitchen, delays can be inevitable.

Solution: Having a clear timeframe for your project is essential. When designing a bespoke kitchen you are at the hands of a manufacturer and therefore lead times can vary depending on who you work with. Establishing if a designer and manufacturer is able to meet your timeframe is an essential task to do. Once you have moved into the other stages, being on top of the developments and being kept up to date on the manufacturing is essential.

It is also important to give your designer updates on your project so that delivery and installation can be adjusted if you are running slightly behind.



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