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Finding a balance with decorative lighting.

The trick to creating an exceptional space lies within the selection of good decorative lighting.

Too many people think that you need a great designer to create a great kitchen, but in truth that is just the start. Along with a great designer you need a lighting design expert who specialises in using lighting to maximising the impact of a space.

There is a symbiosis seen between kitchens and lighting that means once you've perfected both the room will be in harmony.

The balance of light and shade and an understanding for ambience takes a lot of work and experience.

Some lighting products may seem fun at first but many lack the desired impact because there's no focus on finding a balance. It's a mistake we see a lot where people spend a lot of money on a beautiful kitchen but neglect the lighting budget which should be there to show it off to its best ability.

When working with a designer to create your perfect kitchen spend time finding someone who is suitably passionate about lighting, it will transform your project.

Luckily for us, we met Italamp, an expert in decorative lighting who offer clients a unique service that enables further customisation of their products, and for some, a fully bespoke service.

Their 47 years experience manufacturing decorative lighting in Italy, with the finest glass artisans, means they are able to offer the highest quality services in terms of glass work and detail.

As one of their suppliers we are able specify their products and customise their products where possible. We can work closely with their team and get their professional input on what the best steps would be to take.

For more information, please feel free to ask us via email or visit us in our Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour showroom.



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