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One Blackfriars

A thoughtful selection of soft furnishings' finishes is pivotal, ensuring a seamless connection between our joinery and other furniture. Effective design choices harmonise with diverse environments, whether flooded with natural light or embodying cozy traditional or sleek modern settings. Projects like the Black Friar showcase our ability to integrate darker finishes, enhancing ambiance and achieving a unified, welcoming kitchen aesthetic.


Finishes: smoked oak veneer 45-degree- brushed brass chamfered-metallic brass handgrips doors- Carrera marble splash back and worktop-Verde Persia marble Island

One Blackfriars

The thoughtful selection of finishes for soft furnishings
is crucial, as it establishes a complementary connection
between our joinery and other pieces of furniture.
It’s essential to choose designs and finishes that
complement each space effectively. In areas with
expansive glazing, like those flooded with natural
light and an airy atmosphere, we have the flexibility to
incorporate darker, moodier finishes into our joinery.
The key is to strike a balance that Integrates the existing
ambiance, whether it’s a cosy traditional setting or a
sleek modern interior.
Our approach goes beyond mere visual appeal; it
encompasses the functional relationship between
the kitchen island and cupboards. These elements are
carefully conceived as interconnected, with each one
influencing and enhancing the functionality of the
other. The island, acting as an extension of the overall
design concept, ensures a unified and cohesive aesthetic
throughout the kitchen.
Ultimately, it’s not just about creating visually striking
components; it’s about designing elements that
resonate with the essence of the home. Our objective
is to deliver a kitchen space that feels bespoke,
welcoming, and perfectly suited to the homeowner’s
lifestyle, achieving a seamless integration of joinery and
soft furnishings

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