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The kitchen has transcended its conventional boundaries as a secluded workspace. In response to this evolution, HUMA's design team have meticulously crafted this exquisite living and cooking space for our clients in the Cotswolds.


Finishes: 12mm Cross-Hatched honey comb aluminium, Dekton aga Stonika worktops, Stained oak veneer


The kitchen has evolved beyond its traditional role as a closed-off workspace. It has transformed into a true extension of the living space, becoming the heart of the home, where quality time is cherished together. Discover our innovative Working Island featuring an integrated Line Table, seamlessly blending the realms of food preparation and communal dining. Crafted in stunning Canneté Canyon Walnut hi-melamine, and adorned with the sleek Lucem metal lacquered Zed handle, this composition redefines both style and functionality.

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