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Akehurst Street

Akehurst was a very interesting but different project for HUMA, as the simplicity of the design had to speak for itself, and there was no room to showcase materiality and special features in the kitchen.


Finishes: Off- White Matt lacquer

Akehurst Street

Akehurst posed a captivating and distinctive project for HUMA. In navigating the simplicity of the design, we strived to let the project speak for itself, refraining from showcasing elaborate materiality or special features in the kitchen.
To achieve this, we carefully selected a specific off-white finish for the furniture, ensuring its compatibility with the luminous quartz worktops.
This choice harmonizes with the overall height of the kitchen, ingeniously showcasing the grandeur of the 4-meter floor-to-ceiling space.The deliberate interplay of colour and height allows the kitchen to stand as a focal point, evoking a sense of pride within the expansive vertical dimensions of the room. It’s an eloquent display of how thoughtful design choices, even in simplicity, tailored to the unique characteristics of the project.

HUMA - Logo 1.png
HUMA - Logo 1.png
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